variables – C++ identifier is undefined

variables – C++ identifier is undefined

Reducing to three lines (the other errors are analogous):

int wall;    
getHours(gallons); // error here

While wall is defined, gallons is not. And where do you want to get gallons from anyway? The result is hidden deep inside another function. How do you want to get it out from there?

Well, you need a return value:

  int getGallons(int wall)
//^^^ !
     int gallons = wall / 112;
     // ...
     return gallons; // !

This way, you can use your function like this:

int gallons = getGallons(wall);
// now gallons is defined and you can use it:

Analogously for the other functions and variables.

Usually, it is not a good idea to mix logic (calculations) and output in the same fucntion. So Id rather move writing to console into main function:

int getGallons(int wall) { return wall / 112; }
int getHours(int gallons) { return gallons * 8; }

int wall;
std::cin >> wall;
int gallons = getGallons(int wall);
std::cout << ...;
int hours = getHours(gallons);
std::cout << ...;

Notice? All input/output now is at the same level…

Side note: It is not necessary to declare functions before defining them if you dont use them before definition:

//void f(); // CAN be ommitted
void f() { };
void g() { f(); }


void f();
void g() { f(); } // now using f before it is defined, thus you NEED do declare it
void f() { };

If you still want to keep the declarations is rather a matter of style (but will get important when managing code in different compilation units, as youd then have the declarations in header files – youll encounter soon in next lessons).

Reason is variables are not defined before they are used.
Following changes added to the code.

  • since you have named functions as getSomeValue() better to use a return type instead of void.
  • its better to use double instead of int, because there are divisions in the calculation
  • also used nested function calls to reduce number of lines of code.

Fixed Code:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

// Function declaration
int getGallons(int wall);
int getHours(int gallons);
int getCostpaint(int gallons, int pricePaint);
int getLaborcharges(int hours);
int getTotalcost(int costPaint, int laborCharges);

// Function definition
int getGallons(int wall)
    int gallons;

    gallons = wall / 112;

    cout << Number of gallons of paint required:  << gallons << endl;
    return gallons;

// Function definition
int getHours(int gallons)
    int hours;

    hours = gallons * 8;

    cout << Hours of labor required:  << hours << endl;
    return hours;

// Function definition
int getCostpaint(int gallons, int pricePaint)
    int costPaint;

    costPaint = gallons * pricePaint;

    cout << The cost of paint:  << costPaint << endl;
    return costPaint;

// Function definition
int getLaborcharges(int hours)
    int laborCharges;

    laborCharges = hours * 35;

    cout << The labor charge:  << laborCharges << endl;
    return laborCharges;

// Funtion definition
int getTotalcost(int costPaint, int laborCharges)
    int totalCost;

    totalCost = costPaint + laborCharges;

    cout << The total cost of the job:  << totalCost << endl;
    return totalCost;

// The main method
int main()
    int wall;
    int pricePaint;

    cout << Enter square feet of wall: ;
    cin >> wall;

    cout << Enter price of paint per gallon: ;
    cin >> pricePaint;

    int costPaint = getCostpaint(getGallons(wall), pricePaint);
    int laborCharges = getLaborcharges(getHours(getGallons(wall)));
    getTotalcost(costPaint, laborCharges);

    return 0;


variables – C++ identifier is undefined

Here are a few errors/issues

  1. You have function declarations which are redundant. You only need them if you plan on calling the function before the definition.

  2. In your main method, you dont declare gallons

  3. In your main method, you dont give values for wall and pricepaint.

  4. In your functions, you operate via side effects, meaning you print to the console, rather than returning anything.

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