Using Queue in python

Using Queue in python

You do

from queue import *

This imports all the classes from the queue module already. Change that line to

q = Queue(maxsize=0)

CAREFUL: Wildcard imports (from import *) should be avoided, as they make it unclear which names are present in the namespace, confusing both readers and many automated tools. (Python PEP-8)

As an alternative, one could use:

from queue import Queue

q = Queue(maxsize=0)

Thats because youre using : from queue import *

and then youre trying to use :


remove the queue part, because from queue import * imports all the attributes to the current namespace. :


or use import queue instead of from queue import *.

Using Queue in python

If you import from queue import * this is mean that all classes and functions importing in you code fully. So you must not write name of the module, just q = Queue(maxsize=100). But if you want use classes with name of module: q = queue.Queue(maxsize=100) you mast write another import string: import queue, this is mean that you import all module with all functions not only all functions that in first case.

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