unity3d – Display 1 no cameras rendering

unity3d – Display 1 no cameras rendering

One of my team members just cloned my unity project which was working
fine on my pc(unity 5.5) where as it is displaying Display 1 no
cameras rendering error in the scene on my teammates pc(unity

Take a moment and look at the words in bold. You cant do that.

You shouldnt try to open a Unity project made with higher Unity version with lower Unity version. This applies to most software too. Whats happening is that Unity added new feature and changed some of Unitys binary saved data in Unity 5.5 that Unity 5.4 doesnt have.

When you load a project from Unity 5.5 in Unity 5.4, it wont be able to understand those new features leading to weird behavior such as the one hes having.

Your teammate will have to update to Unity 5.5 in order to load the Project made with Unity 5.5.

I just had this same issue with Display 1 no cameras rendering.

After a quick look around the interface, I clicked on my main camera and in the Camera area of the Inspector panel, I saw that my Target Display was set to Display 4. Not sure how it got there, but changing that back to Display 1 fixed the problem for me.

unity3d – Display 1 no cameras rendering

If you code and setting dont have other error,I guess you right-click on the gamewindow

Just the Game,cancel the warn if----

OK,just it.

Sorry,My English is not good enough.

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