Uninitialize git repository

Uninitialize git repository

git stores all the repository related data in a folder named .git inside your repository folder. So you just want to keep your files but change it into a not-git-repository. Warning: this is irreversible!

cd path/to/repo
rm -rf .git

The only files that might remain are hidden .gitignore files (but only if you added them yourself or using some tool like eclipse). To remove them:

find . -name .gitignore | xargs rm

Just deleting the .git directory stored in the repository will pretty much do it.

Uninitialize git repository

Go to File Explorer Options in the control panel, there go to View and check the option that allows you to see the hidden folders.

Then go to the folder where you want to un-initialize the git repository and you will find a folder called .git (it will be slightly faded since its a hidden folder).

Deleting this folder will do the trick.

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