ubuntu – How to open the terminal in Atom?

ubuntu – How to open the terminal in Atom?

In the Atom IDE:

  1. Open file>settings
  2. Click + (install)
  3. Search for a terminal package called platformio-ide-terminal
  4. Click install.
  5. Press Crtl+` to toggle the terminal

For Windows follow the below steps

(1)go to file>setting and click on install

(2) then type platformio-ide-terminal in packages and hit install
(3) after finish install restart atom and press

 ctrl + ~ for opening the terminal `~` is the key below `Esc`


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ubuntu – How to open the terminal in Atom?

Edit: I no longer use Atom. The plugins I originally recommended here have all apparently ceased to be maintained. Ive updated this answer with the suggestions in the comments, but please note I havent tried any of these and will no longer be maintaining this answer.

Please check the comments or other answers for more up-to-date recommendations.

There are a number of Atom packages which give you access to the terminal from within Atom. Try a few out to find the best option for you.

Open a terminal in Atom:

If you want to open a terminal panel in Atom, try platformio-ide-terminal. Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-` to open a new terminal instance.

Open an external terminal from Atom:

If you just want a shortcut to open your external terminal from within Atom, try open-terminal-here. You can use ctrl-alt-t to open your external terminal in the current files directory, or ctrl-alt-shift-t to open the terminal in the projects root directory.

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