svn – Import on TortoiseSVN?

svn – Import on TortoiseSVN?

Export is not what you think it is. Its used to get the files that are already in the repository without the extra versioning data.

For my initial import, I usually just

  1. Create a new repository.
  2. Checkout the empty repository.
  3. Copy my files in empty, checkout directory.
  4. Commit.

Ive never had an issue doing it this way.

This is essentially the same as the Import in place section of the TortoiseSVN manual. Except that I copy the files in after checkout to avoid the warning.

The reason I dont like using import is that you dont end up with a working copy after doing the import. When I have been working on some code and decide I want to add it to a new repository, I just check out the new (empty) repository over top of my existing code. Once you have done that, you have turned your code into a working copy and you can now add and commit (or ignore) any files you want. Much simpler than import, IMO.

svn – Import on TortoiseSVN?

Actually, Im not sure what export does, but if you use import instead, you will at least be able to get your files into the repository. Doing it this way will not make the folder you imported a svn-folder, so you will have to check it out manually afterwards. I guess its just the same as Ben Ss answer, just in other steps.

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