sql – SSIS – Text Qualifier Purpose

sql – SSIS – Text Qualifier Purpose

Text qualifier is used in the event that delimiters are contained within the row cell. Typically, the text qualifier is a double quote. In the event that the cell contains a delimiter and a text qualifier is not used, then the data that occurs after the delimiter will spill into the next column. From there, the data row can potentially blow up and none of the columns will line up afterwards. It can be a real mess.

Additionally, you will not see the text qualifier in applications, like Excel. However, if you open the file in Notepad++, then you will see the text qualifiers. There can be a lot of data (e.g., text qualifiers, new line characters, column delimiters, etc.) that is contained within a file but is not displayed in certain applications. This data typically is used to define the structure of the data as opposed to being the actual data.

For your problem, you will need to remove the double quotes from the source data or use a different text qualifier. You could use a single quote, but what if you have data like Joness? The idea here is that the text qualifier should be unique in defining the data structure, which, as I understand it, means that you cannot have a text qualifier that is actually a part of the data (see note from Microsoft below – emphasis mine).

Per Microsoft:

Specify a text qualifier character. Each column can be configured to
recognize a text qualifier.

The use of a qualifier character to embed a qualifier character into a
qualified string is supported by the Flat File Connection Manager. The
double instance of a text qualifier is interpreted as a literal,
single instance of that string. For example, if the text qualifier is
a single quote and the input data is abc, def, ghi, the output
data is abc, def, ghi. However, an instance of a qualifier embedded
in a qualified string causes the Flat File Source to fail with the


sql – SSIS – Text Qualifier Purpose

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