spring – Unsupported Media Type in postman

spring – Unsupported Media Type in postman

You need to set the content-type in postman as JSON (application/json).

Go to the body inside your POST request, there you will find the raw option.

Right next to it, there will be a drop down, select JSON (application.json).

Http 415 Media Unsupported is responded back only when the content type header you are providing is not supported by the application.

With POSTMAN, the Content-type header you are sending is Content type multipart/form-data not application/json. While in the ajax code you are setting it correctly to application/json. Pass the correct Content-type header in POSTMAN and it will work.

spring – Unsupported Media Type in postman

I also got this error .I was using Text inside body after changing to XML(text/xml) , got result as expected.

  • If your request is XML Request use XML(text/xml).

  • If your request is JSON Request use JSON(application/json)

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