Running Perl Script from Command Line?

Running Perl Script from Command Line?

You need to export the Perl interpreter (usually named perl) to your path. Then you can simply do

perl path/to/

In UNIX-based systems you are also able to run the scripts directly if you prepend


to the scripts and give them executable permissions (you might need to replace /usr/bin/perl with the path to your Perl interpreter).

According to the documentation:

Perl Express is not tied to a specific Perl port and should work with any build for Windows.

and the system requirements:

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003, Perl Interpreter

So you, presumably, have a separate Perl distribution already installed somewhere. That should have a perl.exe executable that you can use to run your script.

Running Perl Script from Command Line?

You just need to give perl command and the path of your perl script.
example :

D:Projectdir>perl <path_of_perl_script .pl>

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