routes – How to Refresh a Component in Angular

routes – How to Refresh a Component in Angular

After some research and modifying my code as below, the script worked for me. I just added the condition:

this.router.navigateByUrl(/RefreshComponent, { skipLocationChange: true }).then(() => {
    this.router.navigate([Your actualComponent]);

Use the this.ngOnInit(); to reload the same component instead reloading the entire page!!

      (data) =>{


      err => {

routes – How to Refresh a Component in Angular

Adding this to code to the required components constructor worked for me.

this.router.routeReuseStrategy.shouldReuseRoute = function () {
  return false;

this.mySubscription = => {
  if (event instanceof NavigationEnd) {
    // Trick the Router into believing its last link wasnt previously loaded
    this.router.navigated = false;

Make sure to unsubscribe from this mySubscription in ngOnDestroy().

ngOnDestroy() {
  if (this.mySubscription) {

Refer to this thread for more details –

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