QED symbol in latex

QED symbol in latex

You can use blacksquare:

When creating TeX, Knuth provided the symbol ■ (solid black square), also called by mathematicians tombstone or Halmos symbol (after Paul Halmos, who pioneered its use as an equivalent of Q.E.D.). The tombstone is sometimes open: □ (hollow black square).


$backslash$blacksquare: $blacksquare$

$backslash$square: $square$

You can easily find such symbols with http://write-math.com

When you want to align it to the right, add hfill.

I use:

newcommand{qedwhite}{hfill ensuremath{Box}}

QED symbol in latex

If you usepackage{amsmath}, the blacksquare command will typeset a solid black square. The square command will give you a hollow square.

The ulsy package has a few version of the lightning bolt for contradictions: blitza, blitzb, …, blitze. Just drop usepackage{ulsy} into the preamble of your document.

Finally, as others have pointed out, the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbols List is a great resource for finding the perfect symbol for the job.

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