python – Visual Studio Code: Intellisense not working

python – Visual Studio Code: Intellisense not working

This can be caused by many reasons, some of them are as follows.

  1. Python executable path in vscode is incorrect

    • Solution: Configure the path to the python executable in settings.json. Remember to restart vscode after.
  2. The module is located in a non-standard location

    • Solution: Configure settings.json to include this location for autocompletion to work. An example (for Linux) used to add a custom module for the workspace:

        python.pythonPath: /usr/bin/python,
        python.autoComplete.extraPaths: [
  3. vscode was not launched from the active virtual environment

    • Solution: The path to the modules is set when a virtual environment is activated. Launch vscode from a terminal with the correct virtual environment activated

Installing Pylance addon caused Vscode Intellisense to stop.
On disabling Pylance and enabling the Default Microsoft Python extension along with Visual Studio IntelliCode(Microsoft) and reverting to the Jedi server(prompted by Vscode) ,restarted intellisense detection.

python – Visual Studio Code: Intellisense not working

If youve tried everything but still if it doesnt work, in my case installing the extension Visual Studio IntelliCode with the Python extension worked.

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