python – PyCharm: Process finished with exit code 0

python – PyCharm: Process finished with exit code 0

That is good news! It means that there is no error with your code. You have run it right through and there is nothing wrong with it. Pycharm returns 0 when it has found no errors (plus any output you give it) and returns 1 as well as an error message when it encounters errors.

Editors and scripts do not behave like the interactive terminal, when you run a function it does not automatically show the the result. You need to actually tell it to do it yourself.

Generally you just print the results.

If you use print(data.shape) it should return what you expect with the success message Process finished with exit code 0.

exit code 0 means you code run with no error.

Lets give a error code for example(clearly in the below image): in below code, the variable lst is an empty list,
but we get the 5 member in it(which not exists), so the program throws IndexError, and exit 1 which means there is error with the code.


You can also define exit code for analysis, for example:

right_name, right_password = xy, xy

name, password = xy, wrong_password

if name != right_name:

if password != right_password:



python – PyCharm: Process finished with exit code 0

I would recommend you to read up onexit codes.

exit 0 means no error.

exit 1 means there is some error in your code.

This is not pyCharm or python specific. This is a very common practice in most of the programming languages. Where exit 0 means the successful execution of the program and a non zero exit code indicates an error.

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