python – No module named serial

python – No module named serial

Serial is not included with Python. It is a package that youll need to install separately.

Since you have pip installed you can install serial from the command line with:

pip install pyserial

Or, you can use a Windows installer from here. It looks like youre using Python 3 so click the installer for Python 3.

Then you should be able to import serial as you tried before.

You must pip install pyserial first.

python – No module named serial

You must have the pyserial library installed. You do not need the serial library.Therefore, if the serial library is pre-installed, uninstall it. Install the pyserial libray. There are many methods of installing:-

  1. pip install pyserial
  2. Download zip from pyserial and save extracted library in Lib>>site-packages folder of Python.
  3. Download wheel and install wheel using command: pip install <wheelname>


After installing Pyserial, Navigate to the location where pyserial is installed. You will see a file. Open Power Shell or CMD in the same directory and run command python install.
Now you can use all functionalities of pyserial library without any error.

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