python – ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

python – ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

pip will make your life easy!

Step 1: Install pip – Check if you have pip already simply by writing pip in the python console. If you dont have pip, get a python script called , via here: or directly here: (You may have to use Save As ..)

Step 2: Take note of where the file got saved and cd the directory from command prompt. Run the script to install pip.
You can write in cmd this line within quotes: python

Step 3: Now in cmd type: pip install matplotlib

And you should be through.

You have two pythons installed on your machine, one is the standard python that comes with Mac OSX and the second is the one you installed with ports (this is the one that has matplotlib installed in its library, the one that comes with macosx does not).


Is the standard mac python and since it doesnt have matplotlib you should always start your script with the one installed with ports.

If python works then change the #! to:

#!/usr/bin/env python

Or put the full path to the python interpreter that has the matplotlib installed in its library.

python – ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

If you are using Python 2, just run

sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

The best way to get matplotlib is :

pip install matplotlib

cause the previous way may give you a old version of matplotlib

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