.net – Get program path in VB.NET?

.net – Get program path in VB.NET?

For that you can use the Application object.

Startup path, just the folder, use Application.StartupPath()

Dim appPath As String = Application.StartupPath()

Full .exe path, including the program.exe name on the end:, use Application.ExecutablePath()

Dim exePath As String = Application.ExecutablePath()

Try this: My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath [MSDN]

This is using the My feature of VB.NET. This particular property is available for all non-web project types, since .NET Framework 2.0, including Console Apps as you require.

As long as you trust Microsoft to continue to keep this working correctly for all the above project types, this is simpler to use than accessing the other more direct solutions.

Dim appPath As String = My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath

.net – Get program path in VB.NET?

For a console application you can use System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location as long as the call is made within the code of the console app itself, if you call this from within another dll or plugin this will return the location of that DLL and not the executable.

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