mysql – How to unblock with mysqladmin flush hosts

mysql – How to unblock with mysqladmin flush hosts

mysqladmin is not a SQL statement. Its a little helper utility program youll find on your MySQL server… and flush-hosts is one of the things it can do. (status and shutdown are a couple of other things that come to mind).

You type that command from a shell prompt.

Alternately, from your query browser (such as phpMyAdmin), the SQL statement youre looking for is simply this:


You should put it into command line in windows.

mysqladmin -u [username] -p flush-hosts
**** [MySQL password]


mysqladmin flush-hosts -u [username] -p
**** [MySQL password]

For network login use the following command:

mysqladmin -h <RDS ENDPOINT URL> -P <PORT> -u <USER> -p flush-hosts
mysqladmin -h [YOUR RDS END POINT URL] -P 3306 -u [DB USER] -p flush-hosts 

you can permanently solution your problem by editing my.ini file[Mysql configuration file]
change variables max_connections = 10000;


login into MySQL using command line –

mysql -u [username] -p
**** [MySQL password]

put the below command into MySQL window

SET GLOBAL max_connect_errors=10000;
set global max_connections = 200;

check veritable using command-

show variables like max_connections;
show variables like max_connect_errors;

mysql – How to unblock with mysqladmin flush hosts

You can easily restart your MySql service. This kicks the error off.

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