mysql - Error: Duplicate entry 0 for key PRIMARY

mysql – Error: Duplicate entry 0 for key PRIMARY

mysql – Error: Duplicate entry 0 for key PRIMARY

For those arriving at this question because of the question title (as I did), this solved my problem:

This error can indicate that the tables PRIMARY KEY is not set to AUTO-INCREMENT, (and your insert query did not specify an ID value).

To resolve:

Check that there is a PRIMARY KEY set on your table, and that the PRIMARY KEY is set to AUTO-INCREMENT.

How to add auto-increment to column in mysql database using phpmyadmin?

The problem is that your code attempts to change every row in the data changing the primary key to the value in $ID. This is not set anywhere in your code, and presumably is being cast as 0

$sql=UPDATE `dati` SET `ID`=$ID,`title`= 
$titletxt,`value1`=$value1,`value2`=$value2 WHERE 1;

The primary key value should be sent to the form and returned so it can be processed by your code, but the value should be retained, hence….

$sql=UPDATE `dati` SET `title`= 
$titletxt,`value1`=$value1,`value2`=$value2 WHERE `ID`=$ID;

You should also read up on MySQL injection – even after youve fixed the errors here, anyone can do just about anything they want with your database.

mysql – Error: Duplicate entry 0 for key PRIMARY

The error log like (In my case), Im using Aurora DB:

PHP message: WordPress database error Duplicate entry 0 for key PRIMARY for query INSERT INTO `date173_postmeta

How to fix it using MySQL Workbench:

1- Connect at your DB, and go to the table with the issue, in my case date173_postmeta

2- Select the tools icon:


3- In the windows/tab at right, select the AI checkbox and click on Apply button:


Following the last steps my issues gone.

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