mount – Transport endpoint is not connected

mount – Transport endpoint is not connected

I have exactly the same problem. I havent found a solution anywhere, but I have been able to fix it without rebooting by simply unmounting and remounting the mountpoint.

For your system the commands would be:

fusermount -uz /data
mount /data

The -z forces the unmount, which solved the need to reboot for me. You may need to do this as sudo depending on your setup. You may encounter the below error if the command does not have the required elevated permissions:

fusermount: entry for /data not found in /etc/mtab

Im using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, with the current version of mhddfs.

This typically is caused by the mount directory being left mounted due to a crash of your filesystem. Go to the parent directory of the mount point and enter fusermount -u YOUR_MNT_DIR.

If this doesnt do the trick, do sudo umount -l YOUR_MNT_DIR.

mount – Transport endpoint is not connected

I get this error from the sshfs command from Fedora 17 linux to debian linux on the Mindstorms EV3 brick over the LAN and through a wireless connection.

Bash command:

[email protected] /mnt $ sshfs [email protected]:/root -p 22 /mnt/ev3
fuse: bad mount point `/mnt/ev3: Transport endpoint is not connected

This is remedied with the following command and trying again:

fusermount -u /mnt/ev3

These additional sshfs options prevent the above error from concurring:

sudo sshfs -d -o allow_other -o reconnect -o ServerAliveInterval=15 [email protected]:/var/lib/redmine/plugins /mnt -p 12345 -C

In order to use allow_other above, you need to uncomment the last line in /etc/fuse.conf:

# Set the maximum number of FUSE mounts allowed to non-root users.
# The default is 1000.
#mount_max = 1000

# Allow non-root users to specify the allow_other or allow_root
# mount options.


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