module – Maven: Non-resolvable parent POM

module – Maven: Non-resolvable parent POM

Just for reference.

The joys of Maven.

Putting the relative path of the modules to ../pom.xml solved it.

The parent element has a relativePath element that you need to point to the directory of the parent. It defaults to ..

It can also be fixed by putting the correct settings.xml file into the ~/.m2/ directory.

module – Maven: Non-resolvable parent POM

Alternative reason also might be the parent artifact comes from repository which is not accessible from pom.xml, typically private repository. The solution was to provide that repository in pom.xml:

        <name>internal repository</name>

In my case the problem was even more complicated due to Eclipse: the repository was active only in special profile (<profiles><profile><id>activate-private-repo</id><repositories>...) and Maven GUI in Eclipse didnt allow to set this profile through Ctrl+Alt+P shortcut.

The solution was to temporarily declare repository outside profile (unconditionally), launch Alt+F5 Maven Update Project, activate profile and put repository declaration back into profile. This is rather Eclipse bug, not Maven bug.

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