lisp – How do I learn Scheme?

lisp – How do I learn Scheme?

some nice links for you

both are course books. The courses with video lectures are available on the MIT opencourseware site.

I wish I had learned Lisp when I was 16. (I started programming commercially at that age.) I didnt learn it until I was nearly 40. Where I was once blind, now I can see. (Well, I can see a few inches ahead of me anyway.)

I second the idea that someone else here posted about learning Emacs.

One good way to learn any language is to go solve problems on

lisp – How do I learn Scheme?

Try the book The Little Schemer, it provides an unconventional but yet easy to follow tutorial on Scheme, and in particular teaches you how to think recursively, which is essential in order to understand Scheme (and other functional programming languages).

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