java – Google reCAPTCHA: How to get user response and validate in the server side?

java – Google reCAPTCHA: How to get user response and validate in the server side?

The cool thing about the new Google Recaptcha is that the validation is now completely encapsulated in the widget. That means, that the widget will take care of asking questions, validating responses all the way till it determines that a user is actually a human, only then you get a g-recaptcha-response value.

But that does not keep your site safe from HTTP client request forgery.

Anyone with HTTP POST knowledge could put random data inside of the g-recaptcha-response form field, and foll your site to make it think that this field was provided by the google widget. So you have to validate this token.

In human speech it would be like,

  • Your Server: Hey Google, theres a dude that tells me that hes not a robot. He says that you already verified that hes a human, and he told me to give you this token as a proof of that.
  • Google: Hmm… let me check this token… yes I remember this dude I gave him this token… yeah hes made of flesh and bone let him through.
  • Your Server: Hey Google, theres another dude that tells me that hes a human. He also gave me a token.
  • Google: Hmm… its the same token you gave me last time… Im pretty sure this guy is trying to fool you. Tell him to get off your site.

Validating the response is really easy. Just make a GET Request to

And replace the response_string with the value that you earlier got by the g-recaptcha-response field.

You will get a JSON Response with a success field.

More information here:

Edit: Its actually a POST, as per documentation here.

A method I use in my login servlet to verify reCaptcha responses. Uses classes from the java.json package. Returns the API response in a JsonObject.

Check the success field for true or false

private JsonObject validateCaptcha(String secret, String response, String remoteip)
    JsonObject jsonObject = null;
    URLConnection connection = null;
    InputStream is = null;
    String charset =;

    String url =;
    try {            
        String query = String.format(secret=%s&response=%s&remoteip=%s, 
        URLEncoder.encode(secret, charset), 
        URLEncoder.encode(response, charset),
        URLEncoder.encode(remoteip, charset));

        connection = new URL(url + ? + query).openConnection();
        is = connection.getInputStream();
        JsonReader rdr = Json.createReader(is);
        jsonObject = rdr.readObject();

    } catch (IOException ex) {
        Logger.getLogger(Login.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
    finally {
        if (is != null) {
            try {
            } catch (IOException e) {

    return jsonObject;

java – Google reCAPTCHA: How to get user response and validate in the server side?

Hi curious you can validate your google recaptcha at client side also 100% work for me to verify your google recaptcha just see below code

This code at the html body:

 <div class=g-recaptcha id=rcaptcha style=margin-left: 90px; data-sitekey=my_key></div>
 <span id=captcha style=margin-left:100px;color:red />

This code put at head section on call get_action(this) method form button:

function get_action(form) {

var v = grecaptcha.getResponse();
if(v.length == 0)
    document.getElementById(captcha).innerHTML=You cant leave Captcha Code empty;
    return false;
 if(v.length != 0)
    document.getElementById(captcha).innerHTML=Captcha completed;
    return true; 

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