java – Error: Generic Array Creation

java – Error: Generic Array Creation

You cant create arrays with a generic component type.

Create an array of an explicit type, like Object[], instead. You can then cast this to PCB[] if you want, but I dont recommend it in most cases.

PCB[] res = (PCB[]) new Object[list.size()]; /* Not type-safe. */

If you want type safety, use a collection like java.util.List<PCB> instead of an array.

By the way, if list is already a java.util.List, you should use one of its toArray() methods, instead of duplicating them in your code. This doesnt get your around the type-safety problem though.

The following will give you an array of the type you want while preserving type safety.

PCB[] getAll(Class<PCB[]> arrayType) {  
    PCB[] res = arrayType.cast(java.lang.reflect.Array.newInstance(arrayType.getComponentType(), list.size()));  
    for (int i = 0; i < res.length; i++)  {  
        res[i] = list.get(i);  
    return res;  

How this works is explained in depth in my answer to the question that Kirk Woll linked as a duplicate.

java – Error: Generic Array Creation

Besides the way suggested in the possible duplicate, the other main way of getting around this problem is for the array itself (or at least a template of one) to be supplied by the caller, who will hopefully know the concrete type and can thus safely create the array.

This is the way methods like ArrayList.toArray(T[]) are implemented. Id suggest you take a look at that method for inspiration. Better yet, you should probably be using that method anyway as others have noted.

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