ios – Print: Entry, :CFBundleIdentifier, Does Not Exist

ios – Print: Entry, :CFBundleIdentifier, Does Not Exist

Open Project in Xcode

If Xcode > 9
run command react-native upgrade (this overwrites all your iOS configurations, use with caution!)


1.Go to File -> Project settings

2.Click the Advanced button

3.Select Custom and select Relative to Workspace in the pull down

4.Change Build/Products to build/Build/Products and Build/Intermediates to build/Build/Intermediates

Add done, done

This is may occurs if you are missing config.h file,

For update config.h file,

1) Close your Xcode.

2) Open Terminal, go to your projects root folder and do:

cd node_modules/react-native/third-party/glog-{X}.{X}.{X}/

3) Run the configure script:


4) Open Xcode and try to run your app.

{X}: version number glog

ios – Print: Entry, :CFBundleIdentifier, Does Not Exist

If youre using Xcode 10, it may be due to an incompatibility with the latest build system of Xcode. Try switching to the legacy build system.

Open Xcode 10, File > Project Settings > Build System > switch dropdown to Legacy Build System.


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