import dat file into R

import dat file into R

import dat file into R

The dat file has some lines of extra information before the actual data. Skip them with the skip argument:

           header=TRUE, skip=3)

An easy way to check this if you are unfamiliar with the dataset is to first use readLines to check a few lines, as below:

# [1] Ozone data from CZ03 2009   Local time: GMT + 0        
# [3]                             Date        Hour      Value
# [5] 01.01.2009 00:00       34.3 01.01.2009 01:00       31.9
# [7] 01.01.2009 02:00       29.9 01.01.2009 03:00       28.5
# [9] 01.01.2009 04:00       32.9 01.01.2009 05:00       20.5

Here, we can see that the actual data starts at [4], so we know to skip the first three lines.


If you really only wanted the Value column, you could do that by:

               header=TRUE, skip=3)$Value)

Again, readLines is useful for helping us figure out the actual name of the columns we will be importing.

But I dont see much advantage to doing that over reading the whole dataset in and extracting later.

import dat file into R

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