html – hidden field in php

html – hidden field in php

You absolutely can, I use this approach a lot w/ both JavaScript and PHP.

Field definition:

<input type=hidden name=foo value=<?php echo $var;?> />

Access w/ PHP:

$_GET[foo] or $_POST[foo]

Also: Dont forget to sanitize your inputs if they are going into a database. Feel free to use my routine:


Yes, you can access it through GET and POST (trying this simple task would have made you aware of that).

Yes, there are other ways, one of the other preferred ways is using sessions. When you would want to use hidden over session is kind of touchy, but any GET / POST data is easily manipulated by the end user. A session is a bit more secure given it is saved to a file on the server and it is much harder for the end user to manipulate without access through the program.

html – hidden field in php

Can I use a field of the type … and retrieve it after the GET / POST method …

Yes (havent you tried?)

Are there any other ways of using hidden fields in PHP?

You mean other ways of retrieving the value? No.
Of course you can use hidden fields for what ever you want.

Btw. input fiels have no end tag. So write either just <input ...> or as self-closing tag <input .../>.

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