How do I use StringUtils in Java?

How do I use StringUtils in Java?

java.lang does not contain a class called StringUtils. Several third-party libs do, such as Apache Commons Lang or the Spring framework. Make sure you have the relevant jar in your project classpath and import the correct class.

StringUtils is an Apache Commons project. You need to download and add the library to your classpath.

To use:

import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;

How do I use StringUtils in Java?

StringUtils is in org.apache.commons.lang.* not in java.lang.*. Most importantly learn to read javadoc file. All java programmers after learning basic java learn to read javadoc, execute tests from public projects, use those jars in their projects.

If you are working on eclipse or netbeans you can make a directory (folder) called lib in your project (from within the IDE) and copy the downloaded jar from hard disk and paste it in that directory from eclipse or netbeans. Next you have to add it to your project.

E.g in case of eclipse from Project->Properties select Java Build Path -> Add Jars, point to the jar you copied earlier. In your case it might be commons-lang-version.jar.

After this step whenever you add above import in a java file, those libraries will be available on your project (in case of eclipse or netbeans).

From where do you get the jar for commons-lang?
Root directory of any apache commons is
And for commons-lang it is

Some of these libraries contain User Guide and other help to get you started, but javadoc is the ultimate guide for any java programmer.

It is right time you asked about this library, because you should never re-invent the wheel. Use apache commons and other well tested libraries whenever possible. By using those libraries you omit some common human errors and even test those libraries (using is testing). Sometimes in future when using this library, you may even write some modifications or addition to this library. If you contribute back, the world benefits.

Most common use of StringUtils is in web projects (when you want to check for blank or null strings, checking if a string is number, splitting strings with some token). StringUtils helps to get rid of those nasty NumberFormat and Null exceptions. But StringUtils can be used anywhere String is used.

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