How can I represent a range in Java?

How can I represent a range in Java?

Apache Commons Lang has a Range class for doing arbitrary ranges.

Range<Integer> test = Range.between(1, 3);

Guava Range has similar API.

If you are just wanting to check if a number fits into a long value or an int value, you could try using it through BigDecimal. There are methods for longValueExact and intValueExact that throw exceptions if the value is too big for those precisions.

You could create a class to represent this

public class Range
    private int low;
    private int high;

    public Range(int low, int high){
        this.low = low;
        this.high = high;

    public boolean contains(int number){
        return (number >= low && number <= high);

Sample usage:

Range range = new Range(0, 2147483647);

if (range.contains(foo)) {
    //do something

How can I represent a range in Java?

I know this is quite an old question, but with Java 8s Streams you can get a range of ints like this:

// gives an IntStream of integers from 0 through Integer.MAX_VALUE
IntStream.rangeClosed(0, Integer.MAX_VALUE); 

Then you can do something like this:

if (IntStream.rangeClosed(0, Integer.MAX_VALUE).matchAny(n -> n == A)) {
    // do something
} else {
    // do something else 

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