Git lfs – this exceeds GitHubs file size limit of 100.00 MB

Git lfs – this exceeds GitHubs file size limit of 100.00 MB

Since Git LFS 2.2.0 you can use git lfs migrate command. In your case it would look this way:

git lfs migrate import --include=*.csv

After this, you should be able to push changes into origin.

More information about git lfs migrate is available on Git LFS 2.2.0 release note site and git-lfs-migrate command documentation.

Simply adding git-lfs configuration to an existing repository will not retroactively convert your large files to LFS support. Those large files will remain in your history and GitHub will refuse your pushes.

You need to rewrite your history to introduce git-lfs to your existing commits. I recommend the BFG repo cleaner tool, which added LFS support recently.

You should be able to convert historical usage of your CSV files by:

$ java -jar ~/bfg-1.12.5.jar --convert-to-git-lfs *.csv --no-blob-protection

Git lfs – this exceeds GitHubs file size limit of 100.00 MB

I hit the same problem yesterday and cracked it. I was unable to push, and it appeared that none of my big files were in lfs.

There is probably a better way, but this worked for me. I have a large repo with 2.5 gigs of data.

I setup a new repo then setup lfs in it.

git lfs init

I then configured my various file types

git lfs track *.pdb
git lfs track *.dll

I then commmited my changes and pushed.

I then added my big files. I used sourcetree, and in the output notes it would state for the big files matching my wildcards that it was committing tiny txt file instead. (sorry, I didnt record these, but it should be obvious).

Then I pushed, and I saw skipping files, and the push succeeded quickly.

so the problem is probably trying to add files to lfs that are already in your history. You can only add new files. You can probably clean your repo of these files.

Note: I did find that quite a few files that matched my wildcards were not picked up by lfs. Similar files in different folders were picked up, but not all. I tried explicitly adding these files using the full path.

git lfs track Windows/bin/myBigFile.dll

but that didnt help either. In the end I gave up due to time constraints.

You should also check your storage limit with gitHub. I purchased the extra 50gig to cover my requirements.

Cloning the repo now downloads the files separately and everything is finally working well.

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