Files not updating using git pull

Files not updating using git pull

what worked for me is ,

  1. remove .git folder
  2. copy .git from other repo
  3. now git checkout

Before Removing , You can try

git fetch --all 
git reset --hard origin/master

You will need to replace master with the appropriate branch, which now defaults to main.

What worked for me,

git reset --hard origin/master

It showed me that some file names were too long for git to pull them from my repo and hence the mismatch and incorrect builds.

So I ran following to fix and did a hard reset again.

git config --system core.longpaths true

Thankfully it worked.

Files not updating using git pull

Check your current branch.

git status
git branch

If you are not in a branch, you are in a detached HEAD mode and git pull wouldnt merge anything.

git log --all --branches

That git log will help make sure you see if there are any new commits on fetched branches (that is, the remote tracking branches).
I use that git log alias to display those commits as a graph.

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