excel – What is the cause of the path/file access error error

excel – What is the cause of the path/file access error error

Both errors you are having, Path/File access error and Run Time Error 75 are errors accessing the filepath, and they are likely being caused by the AutoRecover feature of Excel.

When you are leaving your Excel file for 20 minutes or so, the time limit for AutoRecover is reached. AutoRecover will then attempt to save AutoRecover information, in the case of your home computer it will be saving that to the Local drive, and at the office it will be saving to the network.

When an Excel file is open and AutoRecover is turned on, AutoRecover does not save the file until the first change is made to the file, the AutoRecover save time interval passes, and Excel has been idle for some time (the default is 30 seconds). (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/289273/description-of-the-autorecover-functions-in-excel)

What is likely happening is a connection with your network is being interrupted, causing the AutoRecover to fail, which you wont see until the ActivateWorkbook event is triggered (which will show your userform, then crash).

(You can check your time limit for AutoRecover in Options>Save>Save Workbooks)

You might be able to work around the error by:

  • saving the file to your local drive while you are at the office, or
  • disabling AutoRecover for the workbook
  • increasing the amount of time before the AutoRecover is triggered.

This user also found their errors were resolved by removing and repairing corrupt updates: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/438888-intermittent-run-time-error-75-loading-form.html

Hope this helps!

you can just save the current workbook with this:


or disabling auto recover with code

Application.Autorecover.Enable = False

excel – What is the cause of the path/file access error error

I had this error when using the FileCopy(Source, Destination) function. I resolved it by saving a copy of the source file under a different name

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