Difference between ASP.Net, C#.Net and VB.Net?

Difference between ASP.Net, C#.Net and VB.Net?

VB.Net and C# are programming languages.

ASP.Net is a Web Development SDK/Framework.

You write code in a programming language and you use a SDK to speed up development.

.Net is a framework which you use when programming in vb.net, C# or any other language which can be compiled into msil.

I replied that ASP.Net encompasses
both VB.Net and C#.Net – as far as I
know these are the two main sections
of ASP.Net. Is this right? Was he
talking nonsense or have I
misunderstood the whole concept of
.net for the last several years?

You talked nonsense. The interview would have been over there with me.

VB.Net and C#.Net are LANGUAGES, like C, Smalltalk etc.

ASP.NET is a framework for making web applications. It is part of the ,NET framework, but if you read the langauge specifications for VB.NET or C# then you find not a single reference to ASP.NET in them. Or any other part of the framework except low level things (IDisposable, IEnumerable used for using and foeach, for example).

There are other langauges you can use – ANY langauge that is compilable to .NET bytecode can use ASP.NET (or any other framework, like WInForms, WPF, the nice System.Data namespace for accessing databases).

To compare your answer with cars, you just said the main element of a car is the brand of the fuel station. No relation at all.

Difference between ASP.Net, C#.Net and VB.Net?

As Bill Murray Ernie Hudson once wisely said, If someone asks you if you are a god, say YES! Since this was a recruiter, they almost certainly have no idea what the distinction is. They are just checking boxes off a list.

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