C++ wait for user input

C++ wait for user input

Several ways to do so, here are some possible one-line approaches:

  1. Use getch() (need #include <conio.h>).

  2. Use getchar() (expected for Enter, need #include <iostream>).

  3. Use cin.get() (expected for Enter, need #include <iostream>).

  4. Use system(pause) (need #include <iostream>, Windows only).

    PS: This method will also print Press any key to continue . . . on the screen. (seems perfect choice for you :))

Edit: As discussed here, There is no completely portable solution for this. Question 19.1 of the comp.lang.c FAQ covers this in some depth, with solutions for Windows, Unix-like systems, and even MS-DOS and VMS.

a do while loop would be a nice way to wait for the user input.
Like this:

int main() 

   cout << n << Press a key to continue...;
 } while (cin.get() != n);

 return 0;

You can also use the function system(PAUSE) but I think this is a bit slower and platform dependent

C++ wait for user input

There is no standard library function to do this. The standard (perhaps surprisingly) does not actually recognise the concept of a keyboard, albeit it does have a standard for console input.

There are various ways to achieve it on different operating systems (see herohuyongtaos solution) but it is not portable across all platforms that support keyboard input.

Remember that C++ (and C) are devised to be languages that can run on embedded systems that do not have keyboards. (Having said that, an embedded system might not have various other devices that the standard library supports).

This matter has been debated for a long time.

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