c++ – no match for ‘operator<<’ in ‘std::operator

c++ – no match for ‘operator<<’ in ‘std::operator

You need to overload operator << for mystruct class

Something like :-

friend ostream& operator << (ostream& os, const mystruct& m)
    os << m.m_a <<  << m.m_b << endl;
    return os ;

See here

Theres only one error:

cout.cpp:26:29: error: no match for ‘operator<<’ in ‘std::operator<< [with _Traits = std::char_traits]((* & std::cout), ((const char*)my structure )) << m’

This means that the compiler couldnt find a matching overload for operator<<. The rest of the output is the compiler listing operator<< overloads that didnt match. The third line actually says this:

cout.cpp:26:29: note: candidates are:

c++ – no match for ‘operator<<’ in ‘std::operator

Obviously, the standard library provided operator does not know what to do with your user defined type mystruct. It only works for predefined data types. To be able to use it for your own data type, You need to overload operator << to take your user defined data type.

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