c# – How to fix The ConnectionString property has not been initialized

c# – How to fix The ConnectionString property has not been initialized

Referencing the connection string should be done as such:


ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[ConnectionString] would be looking in the AppSettings for something named ConnectionString, which it would not find. This is why your error message indicated the ConnectionString property has not been initialized, because it is looking for an initialized property of AppSettings named ConnectionString.

ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[MyDB].ConnectionString instructs to look for the connection string named MyDB.

Here is someone talking about using web.config connection strings

You get this error when a datasource attempts to bind to data but cannot because it cannot find the connection string. In my experience, this is not usually due to an error in the web.config (though I am not 100% sure of this).

If you are programmatically assigning a datasource (such as a SqlDataSource) or creating a query (i.e. using a SqlConnection/SqlCommand combination), make sure you assigned it a ConnectionString.

var connection = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[nameOfString].ConnectionString);

If you are hooking up a databound element to a datasource (i.e. a GridView or ComboBox to a SqlDataSource), make sure the datasource is assigned to one of your connection strings.

Post your code (for the databound element and the web.config to be safe) and we can take a look at it.

EDIT: I think the problem is that you are trying to get the Connection String from the AppSettings area, and programmatically that is not where it exists. Try replacing that with ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[ConnectionString].ConnectionString (if ConnectionString is the name of your connection string.)

c# – How to fix The ConnectionString property has not been initialized

The connection string is not in AppSettings.

What youre looking for is in:


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