c++ – gcc: undefined reference to

c++ – gcc: undefined reference to

However, avpicture_get_size is defined.

No, as the header (<libavcodec/avcodec.h>) just declares it.

The definition is in the library itself.

So you might like to add the linker option to link libavcodec when invoking gcc:


Please also note that libraries need to be specified on the command line after the files needing them:

gcc -I$HOME/ffmpeg/include program.c -lavcodec

Not like this:

gcc -lavcodec -I$HOME/ffmpeg/include program.c

Referring to Wyzards comment, the complete command might look like this:

gcc -I$HOME/ffmpeg/include program.c -L$HOME/ffmpeg/lib -lavcodec

For libraries not stored in the linkers standard location the option -L specifies an additional search path to lookup libraries specified using the -l option, that is libavcodec.x.y.z in this case.

For a detailed reference on GCCs linker option, please read here.

Are you mixing C and C++? One issue that can occur is that the declarations in the .h file for a .c file need to be surrounded by:

#if defined(__cplusplus)
  extern C {                 // Make sure we have C-declarations in C++ programs


#if defined(__cplusplus)

Note: if unable / unwilling to modify the .h file(s) in question, you can surround their inclusion with extern C:

extern C {
#include <abc.h>
} //extern

c++ – gcc: undefined reference to

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