c++ – Error C1083: Cannot open include file: stdafx.h

c++ – Error C1083: Cannot open include file: stdafx.h

You have to properly understand what is a stdafx.h, aka precompiled header. Other questions or Wikipedia will answer that. In many cases a precompiled header can be avoided, especially if your project is small and with few dependencies. In your case, as you probably started from a template project, it was used to include Windows.h only for the _TCHAR macro.

Then, precompiled header is usually a per-project file in Visual Studio world, so:

  1. Ensure you have the file stdafx.h in your project. If you dont (e.g. you removed it) just create a new temporary project and copy the default one from there;
  2. Change the #include <stdafx.h> to #include stdafx.h. It is supposed to be a project local file, not to be resolved in include directories.

Secondly: its inadvisable to include the precompiled header in your own headers, to not clutter namespace of other source that can use your code as a library, so completely remove its inclusion in vector.h.

Just include windows.h instead of stdfax or create a clean project without template.

c++ – Error C1083: Cannot open include file: stdafx.h

There are two solutions for it.

Solution number one:
1.Recreate the project. While creating a project ensure that precompiled header is checked(Application settings… *** Do not check empty project)

Solution Number two:
1.Create stdafx.h and stdafx.cpp in your project
2 Right click on project -> properties -> C/C++ -> Precompiled Headers
3.select precompiled header to create(/Yc)
4.Rebuild the solution

Drop me a message if you encounter any issue.

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