– jQuery UI $(#datepicker).datepicker is not a function – jQuery UI $(#datepicker).datepicker is not a function

I struggled with a similar problem for hours. It then turned out that jQuery was included twice, once by the program that I was adding a jQuery function to and once by our in-house debugger.

If there is another library that is using the $ variable, you can do this:

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

Also make sure your javascript includes are in the correct order so the jquery core library is defined before the jquery.ui. Ive had that cause issues. – jQuery UI $(#datepicker).datepicker is not a function

jQuery “ $(”#datepicker“).datepicker is not a function”

I have fixed the issue by placing the below three files in the body section of the form at the end.

  <script src= type=text/javascript></script>
    <script src= type=text/javascript></script>
    <link href= rel=Stylesheet type=text/css />

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