AngularJS resource promise

AngularJS resource promise

If you want to use asynchronous method you need to use callback function by $promise, here is example:

var Regions = $resource(mocks/regions.json);

$scope.regions = Regions.query();
$scope.regions.$promise.then(function (result) {
    $scope.regions = result;

If youre looking to get promise in resource call, you should use

Regions.query().$q.then(function(){ .... })

Update : the promise syntax is changed in current versions which reads

Regions.query().$promise.then(function(){ ..... })

Those who have downvoted dont know what it was and who first added this promise to resource object. I used this feature in late 2012 – yes 2012.

AngularJS resource promise

You could also do:

Regions.query({}, function(response) {
    $scope.regions = response;
    // Do stuff that depends on $scope.regions here

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