angular – No provider for HttpClient

angular – No provider for HttpClient

To resolve this problem HttpClient is Angulars mechanism for communicating with a remote server over HTTP.

To make HttpClient available everywhere in the app,

  1. open the root AppModule,
  2. import the HttpClientModule from @angular/common/http,

    import { HttpClientModule } from @angular/common/http;

  3. add it to the @NgModule.imports array.

    imports:[HttpClientModule, ]

You have not provided providers in your module:

<strike>import { HttpModule } from @angular/http;</strike>
import { HttpClientModule, HttpClient } from @angular/common/http;

  imports: [
  providers: [ HttpClientModule, ... ]
  // ...
export class MyModule { /* ... */ }

Using HttpClient in Tests

You will need to add the HttpClientTestingModule to the TestBed configuration when running ng test and getting the No provider for HttpClient error:

// Http testing module and mocking controller
import { HttpClientTestingModule, HttpTestingController } from @angular/common/http/testing;

// Other imports
import { TestBed } from @angular/core/testing;
import { HttpClient, HttpErrorResponse } from @angular/common/http;

describe(HttpClient testing, () => {
  let httpClient: HttpClient;
  let httpTestingController: HttpTestingController;

  beforeEach(() => {
      imports: [ HttpClientTestingModule ]

    // Inject the http service and test controller for each test
    httpClient = TestBed.get(HttpClient);
    httpTestingController = TestBed.get(HttpTestingController);

  it(works, () => {

angular – No provider for HttpClient

You are getting error for HttpClient so, you are missing HttpClientModule for that.

You should import it in app.module.ts file like this –

import { HttpClientModule } from @angular/common/http;

and mention it in the NgModule Decorator like this –

imports:[ HttpClientModule ]

If this even doesnt work try clearing cookies of the browser and try restarting your server. Hopefully it may work, I was getting the same error.

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